Women’s Groups

Experiential Women’s Groups

My groups are for women exploring relationship with self and others.

Younger Women's group

There are two ongoing groups for younger women (20’s and 30’s) that meet every other Monday and Tuesday evening 6:30 - 8:00pm. Currently the Tuesday night group is full but there are openings in the Monday night group.

Appropriate for younger woman who wish to feel confident and secure with themselves and others.  The focus is on creating safety and healing through compassionate witnessing and embodiment of the authentic self. 
Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Codependency

  • Attachment issues

  • Dating

  • Divorce recovery

Women in Midlife Transitions group

Starting this Fall! Dates and time TBA!

Appropriate for women dealing with a wide range of issues such as health, aging parents, and re-establishing identity after a loss or divorce.

In these ongoing experiential process groups, you'll learn better relationship skills by knowing yourself. You'll earn tools for making clear, healthy, grounded adult choices in all relationships.

We will explore our relationship to others and ourselves. You will learn better relationship skills by increasing self-awareness and compassion for yourself. You will acquire tools for making clear, healthy, and grounded adult choices in all relationships.

These groups are appropriate for anyone seeking support and tools for:

  • Creating a more compassionate relationship with yourself

  • Seeking conscious, authentic relationships

  • Changing unhealthy relationship patterns

  • Ending a relationship or contemplating ending a relationship

The format of these groups allow you to delve deeply into yourself to find the clarity and truth of your authentic self and make relationship choices and choices for yourself from an authentic, adult perspective.

An individual screening appointment is necessary for each new client and the fee is the same as an individual session. Group sessions are $60 per group. Contact Jenna for upcoming dates.

A 6-month commitment is requested in order to give you the most benefit from the group experience and to create a safe, consistent group environment. 

 Women’s Therapy Retreats

For those wanting a more intensive group experience, I now offer a women's weekend therapeutic retreat.  These retreats consist of experiential small group work with no more than 6 or 7 participants.  Check back for 2018 dates and details.

Reclaiming Your Authentic Self

A retreat for women on a continued journey of honoring and embodying their authentic self.

  • create intimate connection and receive nourishment for the soul.

  • continue on your path of connecting to your own true needs and feelings.

  • clear away messages from childhood, past relationships and/or society that drown out your truth and knowing.

Activities include: experiential group therapy to honor/reintegrate lost parts of self and heal core issues . . . clarifying and setting intentions and goals for moving forward . . . time for journaling, reflection, meditation, relaxation & play . . . enjoying delicious home cooked healthy meals in a beautiful setting close to Nashville.


Honoring the Divine Feminine Goddess Retreats and Circles

Honor and explore the Divine Feminine in you and your sisters for a day or weekend retreat experience based on the wisdom of the earth life cycle.  More info on Goddess Circles.


Women's Groups