Relationship Coaching/Marital therapy

I have a passion for assisting couples in creating intimacy, connections and healthy sexuality. Long-term relationships are becoming more and more difficult to maintain in our culture and most of us did not have good role models growing up about how to have a healthy long-term romantic relationship with our spouse or partner.  I enjoy assisting couples in learning these skills and facilitating the rekindling of their original connection and bond.  We all bring our past relationship wounds into relationship. Seeking outside guidance can assist in clearing whatever is blocking a couple in successful resolution and reconnection.

I assist couples in breaking down their negative cycle of conflict. I teach couples how to communicate by gaining awareness of common defenses and patterns of reactivity that keeps couple’s from hearing, seeing and understanding one another. I incorporate the principles of attachment theory, Emotional Focused Therapy (EFT), experiential approaches, and love languages to establish intimate bonds that make a relationship rewarding and fulfilling. For more information on EFT go to  

If a couple really wants to make some headway or travail a crisis point or relationship trauma, they might consider an intensive. Check out the Intensives page for information.

Relationship Coaching