Psychotherapy and Life Coaching for Adults

I believe the therapeutic relationship is like any other relationship when it comes to the importance of feeling a connection with the therapist. The connection is essential as well as trust and safety for the journey of healing to begin. I provide guidance, honest feedback, nurturing support and effective tools to assist my clients in facing the challenges of life transitions, losses, traumas, emotional pain and suffering.

My approach is experiential, holistic, somatic and energetic. I believe in the mind, body and spirit connection. Depending on the issue a client presents and what has worked for them or not in the past, I will intervene in a variety of ways I have found very effective. For some clients, I am helping them connect the dots of their story and find the roots of whatever suffering is being experienced. Some clients come in already aware of their wounds and the roots of their suffering but have not been able to implement change in their lives or find relief.  

I discovered early on my path that it took more than talking about problems and issues to resolve them. Although insight and awareness are highly important, they don’t necessarily lead to changing patterns in life and relationships. My approach goes beyond insight and works with emotional pain via the body and the mystical/spiritual through modalities such as energy work, breathwork, and experiential approaches. My experiential approach assists in the integration of disowned or fragmented parts of self. Part of this process includes transcending the patterns created for our survival that are no longer serving us. It also includes strengthening our ability to receive and experience ourselves as whole, authentic and compassionate beings.


One of my greatest passions is working with groups. I have had some of my most powerful healing experiences in community. There is something about facilitating a group that feels magical when the group creates a safe container where people can see the strength, compassion and beauty in one another’s universal struggles with the human experience. In both my therapy groups and spiritual groups I welcome people from all backgrounds, ethnicities, faiths and sexual orientations.

Adult Psychotherapy & Life Coaching for Adults

Psychotherapy & Life Coaching for Adults