About Jenna 

I am passionate about the journey of human growth, healing and evolution as it relates to our Divinity and the greater good of the collective human experience. You don’t need me to tell you we live in a chaotic world during difficult times. My work feels like a calling to assist in making our human existence as joyful, pleasurable and fulfilling as possible while building resiliency against adversity. Most of us are too hard on ourselves and we need help getting a reality check from someone objective we can trust. We need someone to help us redirect our mental downturns and teach us how to better ride the emotional storm we find ourselves in at times. We need allies and safe spaces to be ourselves and heal. This happens in healthy relationships and through connecting with the Divine. I believe the therapeutic relationship, healthy supportive relationships and the larger community are vessels in which we are able to heal wounds and traumas. When we heal ourselves, we impact the larger collective of humans and bring a more healed and authentic version of ourselves to our relationships, our work and creative endeavors.

I graduated with my Masters Degree in clinical psychology in 1993 in Louisville, KY and soon began exploring integrative and holistic modalities starting with yoga and breathwork in the late 90’s. I studied shamanic integrative breathwork and rebirthing breathwork and found it to be profoundly life changing. I became a Reiki Master Teacher in 2000 and continued to study various forms of energy and intuitive healing with teachers throughout the country including Jyoti SaeUn and Sas Carey of the Life Energy Healing School. I have been in private practice since 1998, formerly working in Arizona and Vermont. After settling in Nashville in 2002, I studied Auric and Kabbalistic healing at The School of Healing Arts. I graduated after 7 years of study with a certificate in pastoral counseling and am an independent ordained minister.