I offer customized intensives for individuals and couples in a half-day, one-day or multiple day format that will address issues more quickly than can be accomplished in weekly or biweekly therapy sessions. Out-of-town clients can arrange to stay in an area hotel if they are staying over night or want to do a multiple day intensive.

Individual intensives:

An individual intensive allows plenty of time to delve more deeply into the therapy work by allowing the focus to be solely on the work for an extended period. Intensives allow the individual to “jump start” the therapy process accelerating the process of growth and change. An intensive can help an individual who is feeling stuck or simply wants to move through the process more quickly. A variety of therapeutic approaches are typically used and include experiential therapy, emdr, energy work, and breathwork. Other services can be added or coordinated through referrals for outside services such as massage, yoga, art therapy, etc.

Issues address in an individual intensive may include:

  • Past trauma
  • Stress, burnout and fatigue
  • Deeply embedded patterns and internal conflicts
  • Family of origin and inner child work

Couple's intensives:

Couples seeking to renew their relationship or address a relationship crisis will learn tools for navigating through the challenges of long term committed relationships. The intensive format allows the couple the extra time it takes to create major shifts toward deeper connection and intimacy in the relationship.

Issues addressed in couple’s intensives may include:

  • Conflict resolution
  • Identifying common relationship dynamics that are ineffective and build barriers to intimacy
  • Communication skills
  • Creating emotional connection and intimacy
  • Identifying how family of origin issues and past trauma effects the relationship
  • Clearing old resentments
  • Healing past trauma within the relationship history


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Individual and couples therapy intensives