Healing Happens Here

I having been serving the Nashville Tennessee area for 16 years and have 25 years experience as a psychotherapist and facilitator of healing. I am passionate about the journey of human growth, healing and evolution as it relates to our Divinity and the greater good of the collective human experience. I have extensive experience in a broad range of challenges facing couples and individuals today.  

Psychotherapy and life coaching for individuals

I work with men and women individually to address a variety of emotional and spiritual issues.  My approach is largely holistic and experiential.  I might take more of a life coaching and counseling approach with some clients while I may use a more body centered approach with others. 

Relationship Coaching and Couple’s/marital therapy

I work with all types of couples including married and unmarried partners/spouses, same sex relationships and some family/systemic relationship counseling such as a parent/child relationship. 

Women’s Groups

I currently have 2 ongoing experiential women’s relationship groups.  I also have a new spiritual circle offering called Exploring the Divine Feminine Goddess Circle.


I enjoy working with clients and couples without the time constraints of a traditional 50 minute therapy session.  Intensives offer a longer format for an individual or couple to take a deeper dive into the work and accelerate the therapy process. 

Energy Work and Breathwork

I incorporate energy work and breathwork into therapy sessions with clients when there is an interest or when I think it may be helpful to a client’s progress.  I think of these modalities like entering through another doorway.  They allow the client to process in a different way and access themselves through the physical body, breath, and energy body.


There are times when past trauma has a lasting effect.  EMDR is great for tackling anxiety that seems to have become “hard wired” in the system. 


Issues or conditions that may be facilitated with counseling and/or energy work:

  • Feeling stuck or stagnant

  • Stress/Burnout

  • Emotional or creative block

  • Life changes /Transitions

  • Grief/Loss

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Relationship Issues & Divorce

  • Family issues

  • Addiction recovery

  • Abuse recovery

  • Trauma

  • GLBT issues

  • Sexuality and identity issues

  • Spiritual crisis

  • Coping with medical or physical conditions

  • Chronic pain

  • Lack of energy/fatigue

  • Post operative healing